How Close to Spirits Modding Are We?

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I'm curious as to how close any of you modders out there are to getting around to figuring out how to mod the mode. From Adventure to Spirit Board to Collection, when I finally get into modding, that's what I'm most interested in modding. It's mostly just minor things like spirit stats, spirit artworks, skills (mostly the likes of knocking things like PSI Attack UP off of Mega Mewtwo Y for a different skill, or maybe give Mewtwo some PSI attacks for one), maybe adding more spaces to World of Light for more spirit battles, and even how to get the special effects of the fighters in World of Light (glowing red/purple eyes, aura, alternate blue/black and red colors, portraits, etc.). I'm well aware that the modding scene is still in its relative infancy, so I just want to know how far ahead anyone's gotten in that area.
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    I'm no programer, but I'm sure modifying the images and stats is pretty easy - just changing a few parameters and replacing a texture.

    I'm hoping we'll one day be able to add new Spirits without replacing existing ones. I'd have a lot of fun with that.
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    I've done it! I'm working right now on a tutorial describing how to customize pretty much any aspect of a spirit, including its name, image, abilities, and spirit battle. I've also been able to make some basic edits to the World of Light map, which I'll also show how to do in the tutorial.  I'm hoping to have it done soon- other stuff got in the way for a while, but I'm determined to continue it starting today.
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