Hallife 2 delayed till april 2004 be...

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    [Quote> From Some other site
    Reports of Half Life further delay mistaken?

    It will ship at Yuletide, it appears

    By INQUIRER staff: tirsdag 07 oktober 2003, 19:24

    SOURCES CLOSE to Valve Software tell us that despite wires – including us – picking up a Les Echos report that Half Life is delayed, it won't be. And it isn't.
    Apparently Valve is close to issuing a statement about all of this – and our sources maintain that it's still going to ship in the "holiday" period – Yuletide to you and me.

    What a fascinating tale this is all becoming. µ
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    Theres always that chance that they did put something in to the source code...Its something that you couldnt ignore. They had complete control of the computer, able to do anything on it. Plus if they change things in the game then we can tell which is the real version and which isnt.

    I suspect it was Nvidia who hacked in. They knew that it would knock back the release date, giving them more time to make a decent graphics card :P
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    But why do they have to RE-WRITE the code? The h4x0rs just copyied the code, they didnt take it. And if they did destory any its not like it hard to find a copy.

    I recon the 4 month thing was always going to happen (we all know what valve are like) They are just using the hackers as a cover up.

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    well im happy for one thing. i wont need to buy it with my own money, can get it for my bday :D
    used to be shawn
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