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  • - Added poll and tell me if you need it or not
Poll(Give me a week for the results):

I had enough.

For the past 2 years. I only made those guides to help people without Discord or Gamebanana or fill in from Mizumi's deleted account(don't ask why). But now in 2019, it seems that people don't care about tutorials posted on Gamebanana and dependent on user-user talk. So I decided to SHUT DOWN all of my Smash 3DS guides except for Citra because it's still useful for Citra users.

From what I see, new users don't care about tutorials here and just go to Discord or Amino or whatever they go to ask help. Some even go to Nintendo Homebrew when most of them have never touched Smash 3DS Modding before. So I'm sorry to disappoint you. But that's the way it is.

If any questions related to mod Smash 3DS or if you are 100% DETERMINED to mod the game, go to Discord so that we can communicate easily instead of waiting for days to respond on this site. Not all of us modders have to go online to this site and help you guys out. Okay?
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    Just leave the tutorials, dont delete them wtf. You dont need to do maintenance on the tutorials or anything (if they are done alright - people not to have more questions after reading than before lol).

    I mean you lose nothing by just leaving the tutorials as they are, someone will, im sure, appreciate them.
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    Actually i want to make custom PSA with new animations for some characters and port some good stages but theres no guide for any of that, like you said many people doesnt feel motivated on modding smash 3ds. 

    The only far i did go was doing:


    Neutral B 1: dark arrow
    Neutral B 3: ice arrow


    Side B 1: dark/poison boomerang
    Side B 2: ice/paralyze boomerang
    Side B 3: fire/electric boomerang

    Different element when you throwed and when its starts to return.

    Down B 1: ice bomb

    Even a guide for articles/projectiles is needed because i wanted to make the dark arrow explodes after hits  an opponent or wall but i didnt manage to do that.
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    To be honest they do help a lot for me and I got so much done with the help of them so it would be kinda pointless to delete them all since nothing is really gained or taken away other then the time spent making them being taken away. Not a lot of people wants to join a discord group to have information and have to stay or keep rejoining to just get 
    information they need to do something.
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