Succeeded to change Link's voice manually

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I have succeeded to modify, so just leave the procedure here for you and me to remember it. 

Windows 10, surface pro
Japanese operating system

1. get .wav file. I used WaveClipper (
you can get sounds coming out from PC like youtube sound.
use Audacity and make the wav file to Monoral, sample rate 28000, 16 bit, amplified as loud as possible.
cantion: your .wav file must be shorter than the voice you want to replace.
will help to find the voice to replace.

2. get sarc package ( (
copy&paste your TitleBG.pack in your SD card to any place, and command like this on power shell.
cd path/to/your/copied/place
sarc extract TitleBG.pack

3. TitleBG folder is generated in the same directory. open TitleBG/Sound/Resource/PlayerVoice.bars 
with BarsTool(

4. modify .wav file to .bfwav file by MK8-Voice-Tools(

5. your .bfwav file's metadata is in big endian. You must change it to little endian by stealing :).
At first, get little endianed .bfwav file with BarsTool.
Just press "select all" then "export" on BarsTool.
copy&paste the generated .bfwav files to any other directory. they all are little endianed.

6. look through .bfwav file informations on BarsTool application.
Find a file shorter than and as long as your .bfwav file,
and open both of them with Stirling(

7. you can find letters "DATA" on 000000C0-00 to 000000C0-03.
copy 00000000-00 to 000000C0-07 from the little endianed .bfwav file.
paste it to the same place of you big endianed .bfwav file:
the bites from the beginning of the file, DATA, and next 4x 2digits must be replaced.

8. shorten your .bfwav file to the same length with the little endianed .bfwav file.
just press backspace and delete the last digits from your .bfwav file on Stirling.
the length must be in the exact same length. the DATA's next 4x 2digits 
are the length information of the file, and if it doesn't match, the file cannot be opened.
In case the length of the two files differs too much, you are making mistake.
check out if the .wav file is monoral, sample rate 28000, 16bit.

9. replace your file with BarsTools. select the voice you want to omit and press "Replace".
choose your .bfwav file, the it will be inserted. your .bfwav file may be any name.

10. press commands on power shell like this.
cd path/to/your/copied/place
sarc create TitleBG TitleBG.pack
this will overwrite the TitleBG.pack in that place. backup is recommended.

11. copy & pasete TitleBG.pack and overwrite your TitleBG.pack in the SD card.

Trouble Shooting
all player voice do not come out:
-> This happens when you replaced the voice with longer than the original one.
your .wav file must be smaller than the original one.

the game freeze and down when the voice you replaced is coming out:
-> the endian must be wrong. check if its metadata is in little endian. 

I succeeded to modify the voice with this procedure.
There may be my technical misunderstanding or incorrect English(English is my secondary language).
Please let me know when you find  it.
Enjoy! And thank you for reading!


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