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Is there hope for mods being used online in the near future? I'm just interested in cosmetic and music mods but I don't want to get banned for using them. I don't have much of an interest in modding for offline only.
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    Don't know? But I think mods just should be offline. :/
    Because it is much the same as cheats online in many ways. But yeah have you own music,character sounds isn't bad ide but if Nintendo see it I don't think it matter if it is not doing any harm or not? They will ban you truly just because they then now that you can mod you switch and smash.  

    I love mods because it make the game easier and funny.
    But if cheaters didn't use cheats online the maybe would have been more today as handicap or fun for yourself?
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    Many people have followed my guide, used Atmosphere CFW and not much other homebrew and haven't been banned yet. Modding games is generally safe for the most part as long as nothing that might cause a desync is modified while being used online. I know a few people who have gone online with cosmetic mods and haven't been banned.
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