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Hello, I have a PC With these Specs:

CPU: Intel Pentium G2020 (2.9GHz)
GPU: Intel HD Graphics (Ivy Bridge)

I have an insane Lag with BM:S, I have 100-150 FPS with CS: Source and HL2 but 10-20 FPS with Black Mesa.
My Settings in-game are:

Resolution: 1360x768 - Native Res
Anti Aliasing: Off
Texture, Model and Shader Quality, Highest Level
VSync: Off
Motion Blur: Off
Multicore Rendering: On (Changing it dosn’t have any Effects for me.)

What can I do without degrading Graphics? I don’t want to do so because Black Mesa Looks the Worst Game in Lowest Graphics.

Any Help would be Really Appreciated :)
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    CSM and soft shadows eat a lot of performance in bm from what i recall, but if you don't want to disable them then you simply need to get a better pc
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    Reason CSS gets more frames is because it was made at a time where processors and graphics cards weren't the level they're at now. So, you can get away with an old stock processor and onboard graphics there, but with newer games that's not the case.

    Judging from your processor and graphics, you have a stock pc like HP or Dell or similar.

    CSS's recommended system specs are:
    A 3.0GHz processor (which yours is around)
    1GB RAM (you have more)
    DirectX9 graphics card (which onboard graphics support)

    Black Mesa's (old) recommended system specs:
    (I say old specs because they've changed the game so much and haven't updated the specs)
    A quad core processor (which you don't have)
    6GB of RAM (4 is minimum)
    3GB graphics (onboard graphics are usually 512mb)

    So, while I don't like to be "that guy" that says "your system is a potato, upgrade your system" but... upgrade your system.

    Judging by the age of your system (around 2012 when the processor was released) the chipset for Pentiums won't match any new Intel processors or AMD processors, meaning you can't get a new processor with your current motherboard.
    As long as your current motherboard has a PCIe slot, you can upgrade to a graphics card, but it wouldn't be worth it because of the stock processor.
    RAM is only limited by brand and Windows version. (Windows 7 Home supports a max RAM of 16GB, higher W7 versions can support more. Windows 10 supports 32GB, higher W10 versions can support more.)

    Basically, unless you plan on building a new pc, you're gonna have to lower the graphics in Black Mesa and other graphically demanding games until then.
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