I have no idea how to use skins...

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Hey there everyone! I'm Oof!

I'm fairly new to the modding/hacking scene, and I have literally no idea how to use skins...
I'm the c l e a n e s t of clean when it comes to modifying games and don't really know where to start.
Could someone please tell me how I'm supposed to use skins?
  • Do you have your switch hacked? If you do continue if you don’t do that first 
    step1 go to atmosphere from the root of your sd 
    step 2 go to titles in atmosphere 
    Step 3 go to splatoon 2s title id 
    (America 01003BC0000A0000
    (japan 01003C700009C000 
    (Europe I don’t know use Edizon
    also you have  to make a new folder in titles with the title id for splatoon
    Step 4 make a folder called Romfs
    in Romfs create a folder called model 
    Step5 put the model swap in there and your ready 
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