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Hello. I am asking how to use SA Tools in order to make mods, and the Github wiki about it isn't much help. I know how to make simple texture mods, but i'm looking into things I can do with the SA Tools kit.  Could anyone guide me on this? Thanks.
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    There's really not a whole lot you can do with SA2 modding right now. We can't edit character models beyond swapping them with other characters, custom stages require a lot of custom coding that has to be tailored to each level so you can't really make a tutorial for that, and many object models are in a format the tools don't yet support.

    One thing you can do is replace models in cutscenes using splitEvent, importing a model to the Basic format, using ModelConverter to convert it to Chunk, then using buildEvent to put the new model in. You can also edit some of the game's text, but a lot of stuff is coded into the exe file. You can replace music pretty easily, sound effects and voices are doable with other tools.

    Pretty much anything else you might want to do will require custom code. If you want more help, you can talk to us on our Discord.
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