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Hey, I have a Problem with GMod. I Can't Load my Quick-Saved Saves. I Took Countless Numbers of Hours for Placing Props and NPCs. What's Wrong with them? Gmod even Don't Shows my Saved Game Files in dir\garrysmod\saves. Instead it Creates dir\garrysmod\save and Creates the Save File There. I Save the Game, Copy the Files from Save to Saves, Still my Savegames aren't Showin' up. What Happened?

Any Help Would be Extremely Appreciated. :)
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    Okay! So i Created a Quick-Save and It does the same thing your having trouble with, It created a Folder called 'Save' instead of going into the 'Saves' Folder' It apparently has something to do with the Latest Update. For some reason Gmod can't load the 'Saves' folder and instead creates a new folder called 'save'. This also affects Workshop Saves as well!
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