Where are the posters in City Escape?

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So when opening landtx13, there's only one poster there (The Sonic Team one with Sonic on it). And if i change the file (with the same file size), it doesn't change.  This has made me believe the posters are in a different file, but which one?
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    objtex_stg13 in the PRS folder
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    To add a little extra info for the poster in landtx13, it is the foundation on which the other posters (in objtex_stg13) are drawn as you approach them (this can be seen in greater detail near the end of Radical Highway, as the ad you normally see is the Chao in Space 2, but the double loop at the end keeps you far enough away to see the Emerald Notwork poster - the land table texture for that level) as they are only drawn while the texture is in the area of the draw distance limit.
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