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Hello all,

I recently download the impressive Skyward Sword Complete Music Overhaul Mod for Breath of the Wild. I saw videos on it and it looks really good. As someone new to the modding community, I really didn't know what to do, and the instructions said to drag the folder into graphicsPacks, which I did. The music works (for the most part) but it is EXTREMELY crackly. Also, I noticed that when you teleport, the first half is the original sound effect, and the second half comes from Skyward Sword. Did I mess something up?
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    The pack does have some incompatibilities. Are you using the Linkle mod? 
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    sounds like the crackly is coming from the fact that it's trying to load in the music. the overhaul is higher bit-rate (higher quality) music overall than the original and a semi-solution is to go into Cemu > Options > General settings and click the tab that says Audio. then if you experiment with the different audio API (directsound or xaudio, and possibly a 3rd option if you have a soundcard installed) plus turn the latency up all the way to the right you can minimize the crackly audio issue at least
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