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Whenever I add mods through homebrew, any mod I don't use for a period time (such as weapons skins) will disable (for example, a custom sword reskin will work when in first use it, then I'll equip another sword, but when i switch back after a while (I don't know exactly how long), the sword will have reverted back to its original textures. Is there a way to fix this?
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    That's how SDCafiine is. This is widely available information. Due to Wii U and BOTW memory handling, SDCafiine mods cannot remain permanently in memory.
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    I use regular cafiine and I don't have that issue. You could try switching to regular cafiine
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    Yeah, sorry. That's how SDcafiine works. I got tired of that and also the ridiculous loading times, and I have all of mine injected into the game with FTPii U.

    It's a little risky, but not as scary as it sounds. However, it only works on a digital copy (duh) and I highly recommend doing it on a USB drive.

    PROS: (If installed correctly) Mods don't unload, loading times don't take 2-3 minutes and you don't have to do the whole homebrew-sdcafiine thing every time (r.i.p. web-exploit users).

    CONS: FTP transfer speeds kinda suck, finding where things go gets annoying, if you mess up you have to REINSTALL THE ENTIRE GAME and not mess up again, and it's really only for mods you know for sure you always want to use.

    SDcafiine is useful for testing though, and it's almost 100% risk-free because it's essentially applying a top-layer update to the game.
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