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I’m trying to get the FPS++ mod to work, but it doesn’t seem to. I’m struggling to get a stable frame rate, and I’m not even trying to run it in 4K. I’m playing at the default resolution, with vanilla textures. 
My hardware is:
Intel I7-7700hq
nvidia gtx 1060 6gb
16gb ddr4 ram 

I’ve seen people say they can run the game in 4K with 4K textures, and at around 60fps with about the same power as I have. I just want it a smooth, stable 30fps. 
  • Are you running the game on the latest patch? Check the title screen if it says the version is 1.5. 
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    just troubleshoot in Cemu's Discord server
    I'm fine.
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    make sure cemu is running on dedicated gpu
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  • Do you have Cemuhook? It is kinda required to get fps++ to work properly. 
    Also I would just recommend downloading the newest version of Cemu. The emulator is nearly twice as fast as 1.13 now. Plus I don't believe 1.13 had the fixes for all the screen hitching.
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    What is your CPU speed, and did you set cemu to triple core recompiler? (CPU>Mode>Triple-core recompiler)
    I have no idea what I'm doing
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