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I successfully ported some aerials over to one character, but I have yet to figure out how to port the animations, could anyone help me. I just replace Little Mac FAir with Mario's (Along with various other aerials), but I need the animation to go along with it, could anyone help me?
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    If you are just porting animations from one character to another, you should be able to do so fairly easily following this tutorial. However, be warned that any animation for Mario is made to fit his body proportions, not Little Mac's, so if you don't want the animations to look pretty janky you'll have to go into an animation editor and fix the proportions yourself. Unfortunately, this takes a really long time as you have to fix every frame (yes you read that right), but with some tricks within the software it really isn't the worst thing. If you are going to go that route, check out this tutorial. I can help you from there if you aren't able to figure out what to do.

    Best of luck modding!
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