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Help TheZombieDon come up with some new ideas for loadouts in his future [CS:GO Mod] packs!

As you all may know, I'm the creator of the well-known [CS:GO Mod] packs that are distributed amongst this site.
I was wondering if I could have everyone's help dropping some loadout ideas for next month!

Examples include: (I've already done some of these)
Budget Loadout
Mythical Loadout
Color-based Loadouts
Sand Themed Loadout

Drop your theme ideas down below! 
I am not accepting descriptive requests, such as certain skins and certain gloves. I decide what's released in suggested themed packs. If you want a descriptive request made, you can have a commission sorted out with me with more info on my profile.

Thanks in advance everyone!


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Family emergency. On break.

smash-cs mod submitters steal from me. Such a sad time we live in, eh?

I will NEVER support v34 / pirated versions of Counter-Strike: Source! - TheZombieDon (Trickii)


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