Decompressing a Zelda 64 Rom?

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I want to make a mod on a 1.0 U Rom version, I need to extract the rom in order to edit the game, I tried with the only tool I have found around the Internet, a very basic command prompt extractor called "zdec", you would only need to create a RUN.bat file with the command zdec "name of rom to extract" "name of extracted rom" and zdec.exe should do the rest. Here is where my problems start.

As it is a .bat file CMD should be opening, but I have Windows 10 which forces Powershell instead, so any time I want to run CMD it's going to close no matter what. I tried some methods to revert to CMD, but it doesn't seems to have any effect at the end. I surrendered to Powershell, so I changed the file extension to .ps1 in order to open it from Powershell, it shows a red text message that I can't read because it closes in 1 frame (I tried recording it but its just too fast so I can't read it well enough) my guess is that the executable won't ever look for a .ps1 instead of a .bat file so it will never understand "zdec" as a command.

Btw I also tried the same with Git Bash (file extension .sh) but the same 1 frame message case, except it's just one line so I can read the next: "bash: zdec: Command Not Found" (I guess Powershell says the same with more details I can't really read?)

So I wanted to ask if someone knows an alternative way to extract the Rom which doesn't require me opening CMD on Windows 10 or a way to fix this CMD problem. Thanks in advantage.


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    Instead of using a .bat try typing "cmd" in the directory list on windows explorer. Also I personally use these for de/compression:
    Though it's worth noting that Aegh takes several minutes to completely rebuild the ROM.
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