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I want to add to my map a working mirror how can i make it?
Btw how to make 3d skybox?
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    you can use func_reflective_glass. Apply a special texture that uses a lightmappedreflective shader. Some stock ones can be found by searching "glass". There are 2-3 shattered ones and 1 normal i think.

    To make a 4d skybox:
    -make your surroundings.
    -make a sky_camera entity at the map's origin
    -select the skybox stuff and the sky_camera
    -scale them down 16 times, to do this press ctrl+M and type a value of 0.0625 for XYZ in scale.
    -move all this into a seperate skybox box.

    done :)

    if you want to edit the skybox later, you can scale everything up 16 times, and align everything so that the sky_camera is at the world origin again. Then you can do everything fullscale, and scale down again.
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