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Hey Ya'll. So I finally got around to getting an SD Card and was excited to get my own legit copy of Sm4sh on my Wii U modded and not having to deal with emulation on a not so super fancy laptop. Everything mod wise has been going perfectly so far, I got the homebrew launcher and SD caffine both running just fine and whatnot. But for some reason when I'm trying to install mods into my SD card it will randomly just disconnect from the laptop before immediately reconnecting to the laptop, disrupting any and all file transfers I was doing at the time. This makes even the simplest of modding extremely tedious to accomplish. I realize this issue isn't technically exclusively around Sm4sh, and more so generic PC troubleshooting, but I couldn't find a solution on here or anywhere else no matter where I looked and I thought that surely ONE other person on this site has had the same problem. Maybe I'm just being an absolute idiot with this or something, idk.


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