Cant add custom music if i use a Overhaul

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Im trying to use Super Smash Bros Better mod along with some music mods im adding with Smash4Explorer, however if i put the Better files on the "workspace" folder and build it with the music, the game freeze during loading. I can load my music pack and Better individually, however if i merge them it wont work, some help?
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    Couple things to make sure of before adding music:
    1. Are the Better files packed or unpacked? If they're packed you can't really edit the pack at all, so the music in the pack is the music you're going to get. (There are ways to unpack packed files, but I've never tried so I'm not much help there)
    2. If the pack is unpacked, did you use the Sm4shMusic plugin in SmashExplorer? As long as you put the nus3bank files in the Sound>BGM folder under "Content," you can very easily add any nus3bank song (see this tutorial).

    There is a way to put custom songs over already packed modpacks (at least, there was back in the day), but it's old and I don't remember exactly how to do it. If no other way works I can try to help you dig up how to do it.
    Hope this helps!
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