Can I get real money (USD) here?

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I really love modding, and I do it just for hobby, but I've always asked myself this. Is there any way to get real money (USD or any other way) with GameBanana?

Can I exchange my points for money?

I hope someone with knowledge answers me.
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    You could exchange points for a key on BananaXChange then sell that to a key reseller.
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    Not through the site itself, as far as I know, but if you fulfill a particularly large request I'm sure you could agree to a payment of actual money with that person. iirc there's paid positions advertised in the PA section too, although it's used infrequently and even then most of the posts are just misplaced requests.

    As for exchanging points for money.. well, sure you could? I think it's safe to say the bottleneck of that plan is finding someone who wants to buy them.
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    You can add a paypal donation button to your submission profiles. The other option is to start a Patreon club.
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    there's a guy called Kaze Emanuar who takes paid commisions and Patreon money in exchange for making Super Mario 64 mods, he has done some crazy stuff with a simple game.
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