Model Swap Ideas!

A Forum Thread for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

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These are just some ideas I had for model swaps that I wanted to get out there. I thought this would be too much for a request so I decided to make it a discussion instead. 

Mario: Bomberman 

Luigi: Skull kid

Ness: Paula and poo

Lucas: Kumatora, Jeff, and Ashley

Captain falcon:  Rodin

Gannondorf: Alucard and Girrahim(marth would be fitting but Gannondorf has the same skeleton)

Young link: shovel knight

Toon Link: spirit train toon link

Fox: Dillon

Sonic: knuckles

Villager: Kapp'n and Tom Nook

Isabelle: arcade bunny and maybe Nikki

Ryu: Guile and Akira

Zero suit Samus: Yuri Kozukata and Phosphora

Lucina: Lyn and Tiki

Marth: Takamaru and Gray Fox

Roy: Isaac and Zero

Olimar: Nikki (unless you can fit her over isabel that would be perfect)

Inkling: Callie and Marie
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