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TheZombieDon speaks about his experience with modding on CS:S with CS:GO content and more

1. Intro

Hey guys. As you know, I make CS:GO mods for CS:S with the help of FunnkyHD's guns base that he ported. I wanna start this thread as means to discuss the future of my mods, as well as me modding in general, but mainly for this game.

It's a beautiful thing to see that this community still enjoys seeing CS:GO content being ported into CS:S - even if it's shamed by many others. The future holds a lot, especially since CS:GO is still dropping new content, such as tournament stickers and quarterly drops of new cases of skins and knives. As time goes on though, I seek out new methods of porting to CS:S from CS:GO, and utilizing more than just their models or textures - now I'm utilizing their algorithm for certain weapon finishes to create a proper "shine" on each weapon texture. For example - a weapon skin might have the Gunsmith finish - that has it's own "phong" based entry and exponent map to give it the proper "shine" as it would in CS:GO. Of course, Source being more outdated than CS:GO, the shine isn't 100% precise, but accurate enough to give the closest look to how it would appear in CS:GO, but in CS:S. Knowing how each weapon finish is interpreted in this way, it has cut down the time in making packs by almost 200% - I used to take about 2-3 weeks to make a mod pack, now it takes me merely hours if I'm doing it all in one sitting. (Not to mention I've been working with custom skins and mods for over 2 years now, this is all natural to me).

2. Personal idea for myself / this community

What I'd like to start working on is implementing this sort of "inventory" system as a separate program. Sounds weird - let me explain.
With a CS:GO themed GUI (simplified or fully fledged out), the user will have the ability to set a "loadout" in CS:S with this program. Of course, mods in CS:S on CS:GO weapons won't work like how they do in CS:GO - you can't have differentiating gloves for the two teams, only one glove on a weapon model (Unless you're the type to have models with different .smd files and textures for various gloves you cheeky bastard). With this in mind, the program would have it's own "VPK" based system for the skins and what not. How I'd see this is that there are the .vpks containing the non-interchangeable weapon models, for example: The UMP-45 is a standalone weapon in CS:GO, thus allow that weapon to belong to the group of models of such glove group selected preemptively. 
I'd go into more detail, but it'd turn this thread mostly into an idea.

3. What I wanna see more of in the future

What I'd wanna see more of is the community engaging in discussions about my mods, as well as dropping feedback so that in the future, my mods are of the highest quality. I feel as if my mods lack something but I can't put my finger on it. I've gone from literally taking mods from other websites to porting my own content and having to learn everything on my own (Excluding Funnky's help and those who helped contribute to my mods in the past). It's crazy to even see any of my mods getting featured on the front page of GameBanana. While realizing that, it drives me more and more to continue creating these mods for you, the community. All I ask for, is for more involvement and interaction with those who utilize my mods.

4. What the future holds

I'm unsure if I'll ever really stop making these mods though, as they're honestly so much fun to create and use. Sadly, college and future jobs will step in the way of course, and halt my grind for creating these mods. Delivering personal mods has also been a driving factor as, yes, I've had clients pay for these mod packs (with their own selection of skins) before. But what I'd really like to do with my mods is expand the mod itself - and by that, I mean implementing my idea I've thrown in the middle of this thread and utilize a "pick a loadout" software made for CS:S (ONLY for the Steam version, of course - I don't support pirating / "v34"). This would sadly put an end to my posting of "inventories / loadouts" though, because this would allow users to create any loadout that they want on a certain glove model and skin that they wish to use.

5. Other notes

If you do wanna talk further about the whole program idea, please let me know. We can talk further about it.
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