[HELP] Game crashes with Saltysd!

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  • It failed again
[NOPE] 19d
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[SOLVED] 19d
So, I followed this guide: https://gamebanana.com/tuts/12434 and many others to play Smash with mods, but everytime I try it, the game crashes saying "an exception occurred", after trying some things, I came to the conclusion that the error is caused by the Saltysd code that I have to put on the luma folder, even without mods, just the folder where "code.ips" exists causes the game to crash.
Anyone kown how to solve this?

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    Deleted the files and try with this https://gamebanana.com/gamefiles/5654
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    Okay. What's your region? US or EUR?
    Also, image doesn't work.

    Also, please clarify what mod you installed.

    Osval2king please. Give him specific questions like that. Not everyone uses US Region. Also, don't give him that outdated code.ips. Always go to SaltySD GitHub.
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