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Hi m8's

I saw the scoreboard of Counter Strike beta, and I liked a lot (1.6 scoreboard is ugly as hell)
I'm modifying my cs for look it more beta possible.
Someone know how I could port it (or create it more similar possible) ?

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    useless__ Joined 5y ago
    I don't think it's possible. Like, I downloaded hl1 and the scoreboard file is the same as in 1.6. But the scoreboard looks different and there are columns that aren't present in 1.6 -

    You can change some things, like the fonts (not the text color), the scoreboard background color, the highlight color, and maybe even the scoreboard's position. I just haven't found a way to modify "the inside part".
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    sekac Joined 10mo ago
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    Well if you rename/delete client.dll in cstrike/cl_dlls you can get a similar scoreboard but it breaks a lot of things.
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goldene vodka
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