Im so confused about Tf2 skins

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So i was downloading a skin for my kunai in tf2, but i tried downloading the silver pack (link: for the kunai, and it didnt work.
I dont know how skins works in tf2 custom folder
My other skins works like a Australium Dead Ringer, but not this???
Plzs give me a reason why my Silver kunai skin mod isnt working?
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  • It's because of the mods age. It has been around for 4 years now and hasn't been updated since. You can get mods that are at least 1 year or lower. some mods (like animations) will work despite of age but some stuff with it might break.
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    I'm not going to insult your intelligence and assume you're playing on a server with a lax sv_pure setting (especially because the other skins work) so that really only leaves a few reasons why it's not working. Maybe it was installed incorrectly or, the more likely reason, it's too old. (it's 4 years old and i'm pretty sure the w_ and v_ model system was still in place so that might be why it's busted.)
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