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Can anybody teach me how to make good vgui (a.k.a buy pics)? D:

2 things that cs:s skins annoy me the most:
1st: Lack of World Model (Or World models that don't have mag animation)
2nd:  No buy pics (cuz Valve's default buy pics are shit)
So I went through the tutorials section and found this tutorial but the quality is absolute shit bad, and this too (but unavailable). 
So I hope there will be someone who can help me solve this problem :D
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    I do it like this:
    -open your w_model in Crowbar's "view" tab (HLMV)
    -position it in the center of the screen
    -change background color to something bright and colorful (i use pink for example)
    -take a screenshot with printscreen
    -then paste it in a new file in Photoshop (you'll need VTF plugin)
    -crop the image around the pink square with gun
    -then remove color in both background layer and layer 1 with Magic Eraser Tool
    -select ALL empty space with Magic Wand Tool
    -create white alpha channel and fill selected areas with black (gun=white, background=black)
    -then fill all empty space around the gun with black on the RGB channels (fill teice to remove white outlines around the gun)
    -then scale image to 1024x256 resolution (might need to enlarge the canvas first, so you won't crop your gun)
    -save it in TGA format, and then open it again and 
    -then save in VTF with "Compressed Texture With Alpha"
    If you'll save it in VTF after re-scaling the image, you'll lose your alpha channel, so you'll probably have to save in TGA first...

    I also don't recommend using VTFEdit for it, as it creates an ugly white outline (messed up alpha channel) :/
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