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Im pretty new to BOTW modding so Im sorry if I come across stupid.

I have a couple mods installed and they work perfectly fine for about the first 20 min into play time, but around 20 min in all of the mods "unload". For example, if a skin was over the Traveler's Sword after a short while it will go back to just the default Traveler's Sword model. I have no idea what's going on here, I would really appreciate it if you could tell me some sort of fix if this has happened to you or you know how to fix it.
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    Are you on a Wii U with SDCafiine?
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    I did see a site mention something about this:

    "It is recommend that mods are installed through either FTPiiU or Loadiine due to Breath of the Wild's RAM usage which will then unload SDCafiine (and with it, installed mods) after a Blood Moon."
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    Thanks for the help guys. So I have been able to load and play BOTW with loadiine and it works fine BUT the loading times are EXTREMELY long, whether it be loading into the game or just simply changing to a different bow or sword. It takes about 2 min to do such a simple thing as equipping a chest piece. The mods work fine its just the actual texture of the mods do not load and I have waited for almost 2 hours. SDcaffeine did the same thing but the mods would load in properly about 30 seconds after. Again I am not to sure whats happening here and any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. 
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