How can I create a mod?

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Greetings everyone, I’m new on the forum and new to the world of modding. I’m interested in learning how to make a mod in this game and if I am able to make a mod. Will it be like the previous Super Smash Brothers games where I can use a special program to drag and drop files or do I need to dump the files and use some other program that’s not specifically made to edit files?

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    Why is everything bolded?

    Follow my guide, "Guide to Getting Started Modding Ultimate." For now, injecting mods into the large data.arc itself is the only method and messing with file offsets. However, it will be a simple drag and drop system in the future like most games.

    Making your own files is difficult because the injected file needs to be compressed via zstd to match the original compressed size of the file, while editable files are decompressed.
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  • Hey dude, can you make a mod for the Donkey Kong voice please? Can you add the Donkey Kong voice from Mario Kart DS and replace the Super Smash Bros Ultimate voice please? Because i love the Donkey Kong voice from Mario Kart DS.
    If you do it...thank you very much! :D

    There are the voice lines, obviously a few lines are bad for Smash, then don't add them lol, but i'm not choosing for you lol
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