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How to view/edit .prc files?

A Forum Thread for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

EDIT: Nevermind; question answered. I've added the answer to the bottom.

Hi everyone! Until today, I had no prior experience with Switch modding, but I've gone through several tutorials here, successfully installed the Shadow the Hedgehog model swap, and successfully designed/compressed/installed my own simple texture mod for Mr. Game and Watch (a bright pink skin). I have several lingering questions that the tutorials didn't directly address, but for now, here's the one I'm most interested in answering:

I know there are already mods here that replace files like ui_chara_db.prc and ui_stage_db.prc, so I'm assuming there's some way to view/edit these database files in a human-readable format. I tried opening them up in a text editor, and while there is a short section of each file that lists the character/stage names in plaintext, the rest is a garbled mess- at least, in all the text encodings I tried. What's the best way to view and/or edit these files? If the existing modders are just editing them with a hex editor or something, then what do we (i.e. the modding community) currently know about the syntax of the .prc format?

(If anybody's wondering, I'm interested in this because I'd like to try modding World of Light, such as changing which spirits appear when, and I think it's pretty likely that a .prc file is involved. Even if not, though, I'd like to see what the other .prc files can affect.)

EDIT: It was only after I posted this that I noticed the Discord link on the main page, and of course, Discord had a pinned post with the answer. The program I wanted is called paramXML. I can take this down if the mods want, but I figure I'll leave it up for now in case anyone else was wondering the same thing.
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