Forwarding Sm4sh Mods to Ultimate?

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Do most mod authors of Wii U mods intend to port their mods forward to Ultimate once Ultimate's modding scene really takes off? I've been curiously thinking about it so I want to know what you guys think/have to say on the matter.
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    I'm sure once the tools are available, a good number of mods will make their way over. Seems to happen with most other games on here.
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    It can depend on if the work can truly be replicated or not. For one example, texture files between Smash Wii U and Ultimate may not be alike, so more effort may be required when replicating your Smash Wii U texture hacks.

    There's also the matter of moveset editing, since fighters like Ganondorf received some highly notable changes in Ultimate, and Giga Bowser is no longer playable without hacking.
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    Can't port model imports as far as I know because of different bone sets (hope robin's shoulders are different now). So have rig to pretty much from scratch.
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