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I had originally planned to create a Heavy Mod using weapon modding, but it seems that the attributes provided won't give me what I need. It looks like i'll need to go deeper for what I want to do, and I could really use some pointers.

First off, I wanted to bind an action to a keypress while the Heavy is spun-up: pressing SPACE to instantly un-spin at the cost of 40 ammo.

Next, I wanted to implement light physics elements. If the Heavy crouches before performing this move, he'll jump in the direction held with more distance than normal. Think SMB64 long jump. I was thinking of using Scout's double-jump physics or a more controlled rocket jump physics to create this effect, but I'm not sure how to get it from one class to the other.

Lastly, I wanted to implement a Heavy Sliding mechanic, where the Heavy maintains his forward momentum when he's crouched. This would probably be the hardest, as I can't think of any precedent for this one.

If someone could please tell me if any of this is possible - and point me in the right direction if it is - it would be much appreciated. I can probably figure it out from there if I just know where to start.
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    You can, but I think the only way you can do this is through creating a server plugin that can do whatever you're trying to make. Other than that, that's all I can give you.
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