Why there is no Map Remakes?

A Forum Thread for Half-Life 2

Well,it is a long time since HL2 Released.
There are hundreds of good mappers!
Why none of the team up and make good remake of original HL2 Maps?
With new props,rooms,secrets and navmeshes!
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  • cinematic mod, maybe
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    The Cinematic mod is your best bet for a complete remake or remastered version of Half-Life 2.  Though be warned, it is a huge download to install, but worth it in the end. 



    Steam has Half-Life 2: Update which gives it a slightly better look while keeping the original vision in tact.


    Either way, HL2 is the greatest thing ever and in it's vanilla form.  I love it with a passion!
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    Actually I was working on a Source mod of my own that might be what you're looking for? I haven't created a moddb page since there's not a whole lot there and I also need to learn C++ to add in new NPCs. Basically, the idea was to make a modified HL2 campaign that would put some focus on maps such as expanded/extended areas, more detail, and etc. Pulling inspiration from the 2003 era and some unused visgroups in some spots but others with my own take without being too outlandish or anything like that. I was even working on creating a D1_Canals_04 from a beta map that I feel would fit if brought up to retail standards as a good way to introduce Bullsquids. I also had thoughts of uploading the maps separately but that wouldn't include any new NPCs or Weapons (Such as Bullsquids or an OICW). Screenshots of WIP maps.
    Dang typos.
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I released my first skin,hope you’ll like it!
On my opinion it looks pretty cool.

- alexd_stark


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