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A Forum Thread for Super Smash Bros. (WiiU)

Now with Ultimate out, people are gonna start leaving Smash 4 behind, which makes sense. It's safe to assume modding on the game might slow down a bit. It's also the end of the year so how bout we do a community reflection. What was your favorite Smash 4 mod you've ever downloaded/developed? 

My personal favorite, and this was very difficult for me, was TheRealHeroOfWinds's Kermit the Frog mod . Me and my friends love this mod so much that there is never a match where Kermit isn't in it. The voice is hilarious and I think this and the Goku mod are the must have mods for Ryu. 

So so so many mods on this site are extremely well made and interesting. If you have made a mod on this site, pat yourself on the back. You modders are amazing at what you do. Good luck into the future, Merry Christmas, and happy new year!
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    People thought the same thing when Super smash for wii u came out but people even now are still modding on brawl
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    Accessibility will likely be the biggest thing hurting Smash Wii U, but I seriously doubt that Smash Ultimate's presence will downright kill it.

    If Smash 64, Melee, and Brawl are still holding on, then there's always hope that Smash Wii U can hang on too. After all, some of Smash Ultimate's mechanics could end up being distasteful to some people.
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    My personnal favourite is the complete Wolf import over Fox (with moveset), it's really as if he was added as a DLC.
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    By far, my favorite mod was this Waddle Dee pack by Raph. It's simple, but it's got so much appeal to me.
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