Textures Always Load Weird

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  • Addition Added image links because for some reason they weren't displaying.

The problem in-game: https://imgur.com/drBTJ1e

The model displaying fine in Forge: https://imgur.com/bSWxlNk

The texture in Forge: https://imgur.com/uc0dh5X

Textures Always Load Weird 9d
Greetings all,

I've been working with Smash 4 mods for about two years, and I've recently hit a problem I can't seem to solve. No matter what I do, when I try to make my own custom skin textures, the face always loads weird:

The purple stripe on Samus's chest is just my test texture, but no matter what changes I make, her face will always look strange. I'm currently testing this in a sandbox modpack, where no other mods exist at all. Changing the model materials results in no issues, and using any model with the default textures is also fine. This problem only occurs when I edit a texture. I am loading this on the default slot (c00) and only modifying the original files, so I doubt this is a TexID related problem.

As you can see here, both the model and texture load fine in Forge:

What's really confusing me is that I haven't modified her face texture at all, and yet that's where the problem manifests. This is currently the only texture that I've changed (although previous testing led me to find that changing other textures also results in this issue.)

If it helps at all, I'm editing my textures in Photoshop CC 2017, and exporting them as .dds files with the same compression as the original types (DXT1 in this case). I'm injecting them using Smash Forge, since any other tool causes my Wii U to crash for some reason. I have previously edited and replaced various character cosmetic files like chr_11s and chr_13s without any issue.

Any help at all is greatly appreciated, and if there's anything else that I could tell you to help me out here feel free to ask.
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