2p City Escape keeps crashing after retexture

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  • I just realized editing ANYTHING from OBJtex.pak causes the game to crash. I suspect it has something to do with my graphics card...
**Update** 9d
So I am pretty new to modding and I am making a mod where I retexture metal to another character. Everything works great... right until I decided to edit his board. I loaded up the game to test, selected 2p mode, went to city escape. Went over the character intros and right as the screen fades out to start the game. 

It crashes. Does anyone know what goes wrong? 
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    City Escape is a tricky one. You have to keep all the textures at a similar file size to the original assets, at least in my experience. When I first started modding City Escape, I managed to narrow it down to what caused the issue: Compression & File size. It was due to at least one texture being compressed wrong and the final texture pack being too large. I like to refer to these as "Magic Numbers"
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