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SSBU restoration modpack wish list

A Forum Thread for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

I've been playing Super Smash Bros. Ultimate a lot in the past few days and I have to say, it is a super solid game. I like it a lot. I feel like the only thing that really irks me is a few of the forced cosmetic changes in order to get a lower age rating. So I am creating this post to get an idea of what I want to change via mods in the future. Most of these mods already existed for Smash 4 so I am sure they are coming either way. Some I may need to submit a few commissions for, but I don't mind doing that if it means giving the community the best Smash Bros experience.

-Fix Snake’s and Zero Suit Samus’ asses (and the rest of Samus while we’re at it)
-Remove black shadows from Peach, Daisy, Zelda, Rosalina, and Young Link (as far as I am aware, Young Link did have it added to him for some odd reason?)
-Uncensor Female Corrin’s thighs (to reflect the Fire Emblem games)
-Uncensor Bayonetta's wicked weave attacks (to reflect the Bayonetta games)
-Pre-CERO Palutena
-Re-add Mr. Game and Watch’s side-smash headdress in versions beyond 1.0 (this one was just so absurd to have removed. I don't agree with the removal in the slightest)

-Wario’s and Little Mac’s missing costumes (if possible)
-Re-adding old color schemes that don’t exist anymore (Peach’s Daisy recolor, Fire Mario, Black Yoshi. Maybe even offering a Peach recolor for Daisy)

I can’t think of anything else off the top of my head, but these are some changes I would like to see in a potential restoration mod pack. If you have any ideas, please feel free to share them.
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  • DrivenPlus avatar
    DrivenPlus Joined 3y ago
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    A few other ideas - a number of songs were trimmed (most notably the DK Rap and most Xenoblade songs), and there's a whopping 14 songs from the first four Smash games not in Ultimate that could afford to be added back.
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  • Jokr avatar
    Jokr Joined 2y ago
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    access_time 1y
    Quickly making note of this for future reference: Many of the Spirits have been censored

    The only ones that I have seen personally so far are Camilla and Mythra. I imagine Pyra is too, along with many other female characters
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    Mister E. Joined 4y ago
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    things you can add back: 
    -voices for marth, roy, and ike
    -pokemon trainer's voice
    -ivysuar voice
    -fox's voice? (preference choice)
    -putting back silver and knuckles back in green hill zone
    -add back music like right there ride on
    -remove censorship from spirits
    -add back certain victory themes (preference choice again)

    those are the ones on the top of my head
    Just a guy .-.
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  • access_time 1y edit 1y
    I’ve gone on record saying the biggest loss in the series has been that of Brawl’s voice clips, so I’d work on restoring those.  Though I’m thinking that might be best as a separate pack.

    those skins are very important, though, and Pokéfloats needs to return eventually.  We also need purple Weeg to have a yellow L again (that still drives me nuts) and to give Jiggs her DAMN crown and headband back (why does she have three sun hats lol)
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  • access_time 1y edit 1y
    Zelda's not censored in this game (unlike in Smash 4)
    plus Zelda always wears these pants since Melee, so these pants she's wearing are nothing new

    i think Zelda gets a pass this time unlike Peach (and by extension Daisy), Rosalina and Palutena (thinking about the skirt hip thing) because she wears pants
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  • PBWeb avatar
    PBWeb Joined 6mo ago
    access_time 6mo
    I would add the next too:

    Bayonetta winning pose uncensored (on Ultimate the arm covers her on the back, and on Smash 4 it didn't)
    Bayonetta (2nd game skin) uncensored, to make it more accurate to the actual game, same as her attacks.

    Palutena dress as Pre-cero patch, and change the shorts to the actual underdress, same with Peach and Daisy, and with Rosalina and new Zelda designe, it doesn't exist a model, but creating a new would be nice.

    Corrin Female uncensored, and Game and Watch too.

    Spirits uncensored (Camilla and Mythra)

    With Snake and Zero Suit Samus, those are new models, so it's not necesary to modify them, unless their actual skins (Ultimate) get a bigger propotion instead of replacing their models for fully different or old ones, the challenge is Samus, but it would be the cheast to be increased a bit to keep the Ultimate skin.

    Palutena guides for new characters.
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Jokr avatar
Jokr Joined 2y ago
162 points Ranked 60564th
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