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Hello guys. I still cant find information is it possible to retexture map materials, like crates, boxes, flags and other... If its possible, can I get direct to program/tutorial please?

 Thankyou for your time :)
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    It is possible.

    Edit the textures
    Use pakrat on the map you want the materials from, save them in a new folder you create, and edit the vtm with vtfedit so it matches the new folder destination. Edit the texture in your photo editor.

    Replace textures
    Decompile the map (ask for permission by the creator first)
    Edit the texture you want with new textures and pakrat them

    Model texture replacement
    If you want to edit the textures of models it's a bit harder
    Decompile the model using crowbar (can't find download link)
    edit the textures and compile the model again
    This part is a bit hard, and i suggest you find a youtube guide, but it is still possible
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