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So I would like to state that I'm new to moveset editing and that I'm using the Nightly build of Sm4sh Command. I'm trying to do a moveset mod to Dr. Mario but I'm running into some difficulties. I'm trying to take other people moves and make it so Dr. Mario can use them. I've seen this done in the Waluigi mod so I know it's possible. I'm running into a problem though. I make sure that I copy everything from each tab, expression, game, etc. to Dr. Mario's tabs. The only ones I'm not doing is the sound tab. When I use the move it seems to have the effects but it doesn't actually do the move. I tried giving him Ness's side special, Pit's up special, and Ganon's neutral special and none of them worked. What am I doing wrong? Any help would be appreciated! P.S. I didnt swap animation for the moves. Would that help? Also, is there any way to rotate an animation? I tried putting an assisit trophy animation over Dr. Mario and it's sideways.
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