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So I almost figured out sonic forces for switch. ALMOST
Let me explain what is going on.
So Using cripaktools I was able to unpack the cpk of sonic forces. (using the tools from here. Which is the first step in making mods work for sonic forces on switch through layeredfs. (being able to unpack the cpk) But.... 
After using critools to unpack it. Some of the files went to my c drive. Which was strange since it should all be in the same folder as critools. (Which makes me question how the layout of the files are setup)
At the time of this writing I'm currently testing for any repacking issues. (like if for some reason sega decided to use two different data alignments)

I know that wars_1.cpk (which has some odds ends for the game) is packed in 2048mb data alignment. Which I know that because I compared what I dumped (wars_1.cpk from when I dumped sonic forces from the switch)
to the rebuilt wars_1.cpk (After using repacker CPK) Which came out identical when compared through a hex editor.
I'm currently just trying to figure out if the files that got put on my c drive/root of my c drive is going to give a issue. As in, does it belong inside the dump. Or is there a folder that critools isn't generating. If they come out identical. Then it should be pretty straight forward from there in regards to modding the game on switch. 

Biggest concern however is layeredfs. I'm worried that because of the sheer size of the cpk (about 5gb) That the game will hang for too long, and nintendo's error handler will kick in. (and or layereds has issues with replacing a large file like that. Keep it mind, it's a single large file. Not multiple small files that make it into a large size) 
Update: So the repacking is wonky. After comparing the two files I was immediately greeted with differences. So the data alignment has to be something else... I hope.
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    It's worth noting that the size issue you mentioned is why stuff like Sonic Colors modding didn't take off.
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    27d 27d
    can't you just modify the patch cpk? even if you don't have it extracted, you can easily just put the mods and replace them as long as you keep formats like hkx using the switch versions of those files
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