An Idea for Ivysaur over Duck Hunt

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I haven't got any talent in modeling or importing models, but I had an Idea if anyone wants to do it. This isn't exactly a request but I've seen people ask for Ivysaur more than once so I've tried thinking of how it could be implemented. This is probably not gonna happen, especially with Ultimate coming so soon, but I figured I'd share my idea anyway.

My idea is Ivysaur, with Spearow (or Pidgey), over Duck Hunt. Instead of the "Trick Shot" they could throw a Seed Bomb or a Voltorb, and instead of the Clay Pidgeon they could throw a Razor Leaf.
The Wild Gunman could be changed into James with a gun Beedrill or something like that.

Sorry if this doesn't really belong here. Just thought I'd share.
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