Converting MMD models to San Andreas?

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I recently started skin modding with San Andreas, so I'm a bit of a noob. I'm trying to convert MMD models (pmd/pmx) to skins (dff).

I use 3dsMax and there is a script to import pmd files in. I've also tried converting the pmd/pmx files to obj. These are the only methods I've been able to find, and I am able to rig the model to a ped and it's textured properly as far as I can tell.

But something is clearly wrong because after importing the dff and txd into the proper img files, I get a black screen on any cutscenes with the characters I've put the model over. And if I put the model over CJ, the skin selector just plain doesn't work. Nothing crashes, but I'm forced to alt tab and close the game because nothing will respond.

This happens with any MMD models I do myself, so it's definitely just me being stupid. I've seen plenty of MMD skins up for download on here and other sites, so if you guys could help or point me in the direction of a good tutorial I'd appreciate it! :)
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