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Actually, it's GoldSource mods in general, so Half-Life, TFC, CS, etc. I have a question about the player model's animation. Decompiling the model, looking at the QC script. I am wondering about the animation sequences. Are the animation sequences example:

$sequence "look_idle" "look_idle" fps 14 loop ACT_IDLE 2
$sequence "idle" "idle" fps 14 loop ACT_IDLE 1
$sequence "deep_idle" "deep_idle" fps 12 loop ACT_IDLE 4
$sequence "run2" "run2" LX fps 40 loop ACT_RUN 1
$sequence "walk2handed" "walk2handed" LX fps 26 loop ACT_WALK 1
$sequence "2handshoot" "2handshoot" fps 20 ACT_RANGE_ATTACK1 1

Are they sorted in some way?

I'm working on Wanted mod, and oddly, the game has Winchester animation, but in-game, they don't show up at all.
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    They are sorted as you see. This sort are later numbers like 0, 1, 2, 3... and you can use this numbers in amxx script to play your animation in game.

    If you need more deeply help with animations in goldsource I can help like request for $$$
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    you need original SDK, for all ACT events. various mods have various ACTs
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