Issue with decompiled pl_upward

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(Apologies if I broke any rules, I'm new to using the Gamebanana Threads)
So I tried to create a Mann VS Machine version of pl_upward  (even if it exists, I still wanna try to make some form of it, it has been my goal for years) and when I tried decompiling pl_upward, it never actually fully decompiled and the area portals where broken. I went to a website where they had decompiled maps and downloaded the decompiled upward. When I opened it in hammer, everything seemed fine and I made a slight modification (I just rotated something and changed the sun color), and then I decided to do a test and run the map and for some reason I get an error saying something like 'mvm_upward.bsp not found.' So I start looking at the log and I see a 'too many T-Junctions to fix' error. (the same issue was happening with my own decompiled upward) I don't know if this has any reason to do with it. I'll leave a pastebin down below so you can view the log.

-Mike M
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