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Hi, I was wondering if the game has a limit to the number of mods it can load at once. As an extreme example, if I were to put a mod over every default costume of every character in the game, would it be able to handle it? This is without adding additional costume slots (I'm aware of the 255 costume slot limit on a single character), just replacing the 8 (or 16 for Mac) costumes each character starts with, and the mods I guess could either be model replacements or texture changes. I know adding many new mods and costume slots causes the CSS to load ridiculously slow, but is there a limit where if too many mods are added it just won't load? Thanks!


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    Recently I challenged myself to add a mod for every character. All of the mods were on the second costume slot, and it was able to handle it. Just remember that the more mods you have the slower the game will boot up, but it will boot up eventually. The maximum loading time I've experienced was 4 minutes.
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    Nairo's modpack replaces all the costume slots on every character and adds some extras as well. There's no real limit except the per-character basis, but like Keldeo said the game will start loading slower the more you have. Likewise, the game will stop loading CSPs after it reaches too many, but that includes both vanilla skins and new ones. By that I mean adding new skins will contribute to that, but replacing stock skins won't.
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