Game crashes on startup with custom voices

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This is going to sound strange but here goes.

I started putting together a modpack for a group of my friends that consists of skins we like for each character, some of which have custom voices. I have been going down the list of characters in alphabetical order and everything has worked near perfectly until I attempted to apply a custom voice for the Shaq skin for Ryu. Now, whenever I attempt to load the game up after running sdcaffiine with ANY voice files present on any character after Ryu, the game will give me an exception error and crash. What's strange is that I have other characters that have voice files present and they aren't doing anything to crash the game, just whatever is present in Ryu's folders or anyone else afterwards. 


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    Maybe because it's a dlc so the sound need to be in a specific folder (generaly called append)
    If you are Eu it need to be in data(xx_xx)
    Eu packer for Sm4sh


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