How do I fix stretched textures when porting model

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Hey guys,

 I've been working on porting some GTA:SA models to CS 1.6 lately, and it has worked for the most part when porting some buildings from GTA:SA and what not. But sometimes I'll port a model and it ends up having stretched textures all around it. I've literally been doing the same thing for all models (the working ones and the none working ones) So I can't figure out what causes the stretched look.

Here's an image for example:

And another image:

Parachute model conversion in milkshape looks perfect and textured evenly.

But compiled and viewed in model viewer or in-game looks like this:

In my milkshake editor the models textures look normal but when compiled into .mdl and viewed in game or a model viewer it shows stretched textures. 

Steps I've been taking:

I've been using Blender to convert my .dff (GTA:SA) files into .objects and then using milkshake from that point on.
Can somebody be kind enough to help me figure out a method of fixing these issues? And perhaps a step by step walk through. I'm working on a huge project and really need to figure out how to move forward. Currently not knowing which model will work and which will glitch is a big hold back for my progress.

Thank you!



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