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Hi, im trying to convert some maps from CSS to CSGO.
Some maps just crash my client/server no idea why.
I also extract all Textures i can with Vide from the css map, compile the csgo map and once compiled i add the textures again, the problem is the map is black textured.

Someone any idea how i can solve this? also how can i get all Textures the CSS map have into it? Vide only extracts the Custom textures, which could be the problem for beign black since it doesnt extract all CSS default textures i guess.
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    You should be able to just take all of CSS's textures and dump them into CSGO's directory, and they'll work just fine.
    If you want to use them on your server, you'll be able to add them into the map along the custom ones just fine, since they're now installed in csgo as custom textures.

    However, missing textures would not show up ''black'' but rather pink/black checkered.
    If I recall correctly, a black textured face would seem to indicate the textures aren't the correct VTF format, I've had this issue once when importing TF2 textures into CSGO.
    VTFedit should inform you which format every texture is when you open them, in the [info] tab.
    If this is indeed the issue, you should be able to fix it by simply re-saving those textures as the 7.5 format.
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