GIMP keeps messing up vtf exports...

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For context, I've been trying to make a custom lightwarp, but every time I try to use it in-game, it looks nothing like it's supposed to. I know I'm doing it right because I follow examples from other lightwarp mods I can confirm do indeed work. I even tried exporting the otherwise unchanged vtf, and it was only until after running it through GIMP that the lightwarp stopped working as intended. I don't think I got a bad install of the vtf plugin since I got it straight from the dev website. Am I just using a wrong setting? I've been using DX1 as the default preset since VTFEdit says that that's the format the working mods use, but maybe there's something I'm missing. Some help would be greatly appreciated.
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    I think it's safer to just export as tga in Gimp and import into VTFEdit to create the vtf file. When exporting a tga in Gimp, uncheck "RLE Compression" as it will degrade quality.
    Source: I use Gimp.

    The settings I use in VTFEdit for importing tga is:
    Normal Format: DXT5
    Alpha Format: BGRA8888
    Texture Type: Animated Texture

    No resize

    (Lightwarps don't relly need mipmaps, they look better without them, uncheck "Generate Mipmaps")
    (My mipmap settings: 
    "Generate Mipmaps" is checked
    Mipmap Filter: Quadratic
    Sharpen Filter: Sharpen Soft
    These give 1:1 looking mipmaps without them looking too blurry or to sharp.
    But lightwarps don't need them, so uncheck "Generate Mipmaps")

    These settings give you 1:1 quality at the expense of larger filesize.
    DXT1/5 in the Alpha Format area degrades quality.

    This is important for lightwarps, make sure to check both "Clamp S" and "Clamp T" in VTFEdit for lightwarps. This prevents them from creating little black dots and will situate them properly.
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