Transparency is not Working in Model!

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HELP! I am Making Mafia 1 Model Pack for CS 1.6. I Have the Bus Model.
Because the Bus Wheels are Transparent Textures in Mafia 1, When I go to Milkshape 3D and Rename and Change the Wheel Texture (There are Several Wheel textures in one Image!) Background to Blue: 255, Red: 0, Green: 0, Hue: 160, Sat: 240 and Lum to 120 and Add the Wheels Textures as Transparent (adding { to its first letter), The Engine don't Render the Wheel Texture as Transparent.
BTW, Here is the Link to the Model if you Wanna Test/Don't Understood: LINK
If you Open the Bus Model and Go to Textures Tab, View "{2CKLIC.BMP" Texture, you will Notice that { place is good. but not Render as Transparent Texture in the Game. Look at the Pictures.

Now, What Should I do?
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