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Hi all,
strange things happend, when I used more than 17 areaportals in my map. See video. Does anybody fix/bypass this odd behavior? I just suspect that occluders can contribute to this, but im not 100% sure. Im also sure that none of occluders is situated inside areaportal zone.  When I removed them, it works with more than 17 areaportals. ( Proved by test, but I need my occluders, coz they do very good job in my fps battle :D) 
Problem is, that i have over 5000 numportals thanks to skip/hint opt. and it starts to by very heavy load for vvis computing (cca 10 min), especialy when im not finnished with optimization.

...and yes it is open map i counted with vvis complications, but some of them could be solved with areaportals (hope for that). I can still continue with hint/skip, but im just curious why is that happend and what relations and rules are between areaportals and occluders. (I have learned from THW tutorials and read tons of Will2k papers, but never find any clue)

thanks for your opinion.

image of areaportals vs. occluders -
image of map from same angle -

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